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Duty Free

Duty Free logoTop rated show set in Spain, filmed in Leeds, which ran for 3 series made by Yorkshire TV for ITV. Commanded audiences over 12 million viewers at it's peak. Gwen Taylor (Amy)and Keith Barron (David) played the couple enjoying the Spanish sun as a result of David's redundancy pay. Joanna Van Gyseghem and Neil Stacy played the wealthier Linda and Robert Cochran with Carlos Douglas as the Waiter. The 22 episodes were repeated many times regionally on ITV in the late 80s.

Edge of Heaven

Edge of Heaven logoWelcome to Edge of Heaven, Margate's finest – and indeed only – 80s themed Bed & Breakfast. Run by Wham! fan Judy Taylor-Chatterjee, the guesthouse is also home to husband and chef, Tandeep and her two grown up kids – sofa-salesman Alfie and his de-mobbed soldier sister, Ann-Marie. Just moments to go before Alfie and his fiancé Carly become Mr & Mrs Taylor-Chatterjee, Alfie gets a surprise at the altar. It turns out Carly’s had second thoughts, brought about by a randy snog on her hen night.Single for the first time since he was sixteen, Alfie's life is about to change forever. Can Alfie and Carly iron out their differences over the course of the series or will best mate Michelle step in and carry on where Carly left off? Guiding Alfie through the heartbreak are best m...

Eleventh Hour (UK)

Eleventh Hour (UK) logoEleventh Hour is an investigative drama series set in the world of contemporary science. Starring Patrick Stewart (as Professor Ian Hood) and Ashley Jensen (as Rachel Young).


Emmerdale logoEmmerdale is one of the longest running soaps in the world, Since 1972, Itv and Yorshire Telelvision have been bringing you this fanastic drama. The Set & Studio was designed by Phil Redmond. He constructed a new dedicated Emmerdale Production Centre, right next door to the Emmerdale TV Centre. The new studio complex, which was opened by the then Prime Minister John Major in 1997, is trumpeted by YTV as the largest single floor TV production facility in the world. The mill at Farsley - which has its production facilities on three floors - was kept by YTV as an interior set base for Heartbeat and A Touch of Frost. But the final piece of the jigsaw still hadn't been put in place - an exterior set, closed to the public, which would enable unrestricted filming.YTV explored the possibility of...


Endeavour logoMarking the 25th anniversary of the very first episode of Inspector Morse, Shaun Evans steps in to John Thaw’s shoes to play the younger version of Colin Dexter’s iconic character. Set in 1965, the story follows the hunt for a missing schoolgirl which draws Endeavour Morse back to the place which will ultimately shape and define his destiny – Oxford. Deep in a full-blown murder investigation and led by Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, Endeavour finds himself side-lined, discredited and at a dead end. Will he risk it all in the hunt for a truth that could haunt him for the rest of his days?

Enemy at the Door

Enemy at the Door logoEnemy at the Door takes place during World War II in German-occupied Channel Islands and describes the relationship between the German conquerers and the English natives.

Eternal Law

Eternal Law logoSet in the beautiful city of York, Eternal Law is a six-part series for ITV1 which focuses on two central characters, Zak and Tom, who are angels sent to Earth to both help the community and try to understand the human condition.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel logoCharles Dance and Emilia Fox head the cast of FALLEN ANGEL, an epic new drama trilogy on ITV1. In a departure from conventional crime drama this is an investigation conducted by those close to the criminal rather than by the police – a 'whydunnit' rather than usual 'whodunnit'. Based on The Roth Trilogy of novels by award-winning crime writer Andrew Taylor and adapted by Peter Ransley, it is the story of the making of a murderer, told in reverse starting with the modern day. Like an archaeological dig, each of the films strips away the layers of a sociopath's history, hurtling backwards in time to show us how and when her mind became twisted, and her soul sick. FALLEN ANGEL reunites Emilia Fox as the beautiful, murderer Rosemary, with Charles Dance first seen together in 1997 in ITV's...

Family (2003)

Family (2003) logoMartin Kemp (EASTENDERS, THE KRAYS) stars in this gritty television mini-series about the fictional London crime family, the Cutlers. Specialising in extortion and protection racketing, the dynasty are a force to be reckoned with on the East-End streets. Only Joey Cutler (Kemp) sees a way out of the dangerous life of crime in the running of a successful high class restaurant, but even this venture is not without violence. Simone Lahbib (BAD GIRLS, WIRE IN THE BLOOD) also stars as the vulnerable Jacqueline Cutler, driven to drink by her oppressive family.

Father Brown

Father Brown logoKenneth More stars as Father Brown, a Catholic Priest who solved crime mysteries. Each episodes is based on a short story by G.K. Chesterton.
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