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creature comforts

creature comforts logoCreature Comforts is a plasticine animation by Aardman studios. It features various creatures who are interviewed about a different topic each episode. But the voices are not those of the creatures, it's the people of Britain. Members of the British public were interviewed about different topics, and then the animation of the animals is created to the voice. The result is a funny show which provides the viewer with many different opinions and views on a variety of topics.

Crossroads (2003)

Crossroads (2003) logoNo Description

Curry and Chips

Curry and Chips logoCurry and Chips was a controversial 1969 British sitcom from London Weekend Television. Set on a factory floor of 'Lillicrap Ltd', it starred a blacked up Spike Milligan as an Asian immigrant who went by the name of Kevin O'Grady. It also featured Eric Sykes as the foreman, Norman Rossington as the shop steward, and regulars were Kenny Lynch, and Sam Kydd. The series was written by Til Death Us Do Part writer Johnny Speight, but based on idea by Milligan.

Customs UK

Customs UK logoSeries following customs officers across the South of England as they turn up the heat on smugglers in ports, airports and at sea.

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch logoDame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch was a 1992 comic game show. Is nothing too private or too sacred? "Welcome to the dame show that's a game show." With her familiar greeting of "Welcome, possums!!," Dame Edna uses her purple possum picker to find three contestants from an all-female audience. Unbeknownst to the three, a camera crew is poised in front of one of their homes, ready to invade her bedrooms and bathrooms, her drawers and cabinets. Dame Edna's camera crew peeps into every nook and cranny accompanied, of course, by her biting and witty commentary. Embarrassing? You bet!

Dancing on Ice

Dancing on Ice logoDancing on Ice is a show in which celebrities and their professional partners figure skate in front of a panel of judges.

Danger Man

Danger Man logoThe Danger Man is back! One of the most popular characters ever introduced to television screens, the original Danger Man swept the world, bringing international fame to the talented and good-looking star, Patrick McGoohan. Danger Man is now produced as one-hour programs, with vivid new stories which take Special Security Agent John Drake into even more tensely dramatic adventures in every part of the globe. He is a man who jousts with danger, a man who takes calculated risks, a man dedicated to his ideals. He respects his adversaries, and he respects the beautiful women who came into his life. Big-name stars support Patrick McGoohan throughout the series, and the producer is once again Ralph Smart, the man who created and devised Danger Man. All the episodes are directed by leading m...

Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse logoDanger Mouse is about a cartoon mouse being a secret agent and living in a mailbox in London, England. This show originally broadcast in England/UK only untill the fledgling network, Nickelodeon, picked it up and ran with it. (Actually it aired in U.S. syndication before coming to Nickelodeon).

Danger UXB

Danger UXB logoDanger UXB was a 1979 British ITV television series about a squad of Royal Engineers with the duty of defusing unexploded ordnance in England during the Blitz in World War II. It starred Anthony Andrews as Lieutenant Brian Ash, a newly commissioned officer assigned to 347 Section of 97 Tunneling Company, Royal Engineers, which has been assigned to explosive ordnance disposal duties. Maurice Roëves played Sergeant James, his section sergeant. Naturally, the series primarily featured military storylines, but there was a strong and touching romantic thread provided by Susan Mount (Judy Geeson), with whom Ash falls in love. The programme was titled and partly based on the the memoirs of Major A. B. Hartley, M.B.E, RE, Unexploded Bomb, the UXB standing-for UneXploded Bomb. The series was fi...

Days Like These

Days Like These logoOnly time will tell if this series becomes Britain's worst-ever sitcom. While it may have seemed like a good idea to remake a popular US series set in the once-again-trendy 1970s, the results were disastrous. The producers appeared more interested in making a direct copy of That '70s Show rather than making their own comedy. The cast looks almost identical to their American counterparts. The title sequence, animation and special effects were copied almost exactly. Unfortunately, the humor didn't translate.
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