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Classic Cars

Classic Cars logoSix part series originally shown on ITV Meridian in 1999 about classic vehicles. Introduced by Sarah Matravers, with Simon Taylor and Dave Beckett.

Cold Blood (2005)

Cold Blood (2005) logoDispised serial killer Brian Wicklow (Matthew Kelly) is the only one who can locate where the body of a young woman is. But he's spent most of his incarceration playing mind-games with the authorities and talking in riddles. But there may finally be a man who can get to him: a former convict (John Hannah) with a tormented past of his own.

Cold Feet

Cold Feet logoCold Feet is about three couples. Adam Williams (Systems Analyst; James Nesbit) and Rachel Bradley (Helen Baxendale) start the series about a year and six or so weeks into their relationship. The pilot shows this couple coming together. Jenny (Fay Ripley) and Pete Gifford (John Thomson) are a married couple that start the series with the birth of their first child. Karen (Hermione Norris) and David Marsden (Robert Bathurst) are another married couple, and when the series starts they already have a child, and are thinking of having another. The three couples end up friends after going through the "friends of friends" process. Jenny, Pete and Adam are friends, and Adam's relationship with Rachel pulls Karen (Rachel's friend) and David (Karen's husband) into the friends relationship.


Collision logoCollision is crime drama series broadcast on ITV1 in the United Kingdom. John Tolin returns to the police force after an extended period of leave from his job as detective. His first day back at work though ends up seeing him investigating a difficult case involving a road traffic accident.
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Come Back, Lucy

Come Back, Lucy logoNo Description

Come Home Charlie and Face Them

Come Home Charlie and Face Them logoThe story of a young bank clerk, Charlie, who plans to rob his own bank with the help of a mysterious Italian-American brother and sister.

Come Rain Come Shine

Come Rain Come Shine logoSir David Jason stars in this emotional, contemporary family drama marking his first role since filming the final episodes of ITV1’s iconic A Touch of Frost. Sir David plays cockney ex-docker Don, a man whose family means everything to him. Married to Dora, played by acclaimed actress Alison Steadman. Written and developed by award winning writer Jeff Pope, the story focuses on Don’s determination to keep his family afloat, emotionally and financially, after they lose virtually everything.

Comedy Club

Comedy Club logoNo Description

Comedy Rocks

Comedy Rocks logoAward winning comedian Jason Manford hosts these hour-long comedy and music entertainment shows for ITV1. Each week Jason will introduce some of the best new names from the comedy circuit, and each week he will also be joined by a well-known musical act too.

Commando On the Front Line

Commando On the Front Line logoThe Royal Marine Commandos are Britain’s elite front line troops, currently fighting a vicious war in Afghanistan. Part of the Royal Navy, they are specialists in expeditionary warfare and have a fearsome reputation, bonded and toughened by a training regime that breaks all but the best. With unprecedented access to this highly respected military force, Commando: On The Front Line provides an insight into the making of a Royal Marine Commando through the gruelling eight-month training regime. The series also follows successful recruits onto the front line in Afghanistan. During this ground-breaking eight-part series, filmed over 12 months, award-winning director Chris Terrill not only follows the 50 raw recruits of 924 Troop: he also trains alongside them. From this unique position i...
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