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Cheetah Kingdom

Cheetah Kingdom logoCheetah Kingdom focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of this African big cat and follows the largest cheetah release programme attempted in Namibia, a country that is home to roughly a quarter of the world's cheetah population, where they're routinely trapped by farmers protecting their land. The series follows Dave Houghton, an ex-pat Brit and former cameraman turned conservationist, and looks at the incredible work of dedicated staff at the AfriCat Foundation, in the spectacular Okonjima Game Reserve. Viewers also get a taste of Dave's unique life at Okonjima with his partner Carla where even the nearest food shop is an hour's drive away.

Children's Hospital (ITV)

Children's Hospital (ITV) logoThe largest children’s hospital in the U.K, the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, has opened its doors to television cameras for a brand new ITV1 series. Children’s Hospital, a new 12 part primetime series produced by Maverick Television for ITV1, shines a light on the bravery of the hospital’s young patients, the forbearance of their parents in the most testing circumstances, and the immense skill of the army of hospital staff pulling together to save the lives of their tiny charges. The series is narrated by actor John Thomson (Coronation Street), who is also a patron of the RMCH. In 2009, the hospital opened its doors in a blaze of publicity and celebrity support.. On a site the size of 39 football pitches, 1000 medics treat an estimated 200,000 patients a year. The hospita...


Chocky logoThis Thames TV adaptation of a novel by John Wyndham is about a twelve year old boy named Matthew Gore who becomes host to an extraterrestial entity named Chocky. Chocky is a very inquisitive entity which asks all sorts of questions about life on earth. Matthew tries to keep Chocky a secret from the people around him, but this is hard since he can't help talking to Chocky out loud. It turns out that Chocky is an advance scout from another solar system who was sent to Earth to find a possible location for a colony for her people. She decides that Earth is not a suitable location but stays anyway because she feels it is her duty to help humans discover a new source of energy. Chocky helps Matthew in certain things like looking at the world in a way he's never looked at it before, from the ...

Cilla's Comedy Six

Cilla's Comedy Six logoIn Cilla’s Comedy Six, the Liverpudlian singer and comedienne dipped a toe into the world of acting in a series of humorous vignettes in which she portrayed a range of female roles. Her versatility and mischievous, warm humour shine through in a range of everyday (and not so everyday!) heroines who combine tenacity, resourcefulness and wit.

Cilla's World of Comedy

Cilla's World of Comedy logoEighteen months after the legendary Liverpudlian’s first foray into comedy with the highly successful Cilla’s Comedy Six, ATV engaged Cilla Black for another series. Showcasing her versatility and trademark mischievous humour, Cilla’s World of Comedy presented a further set of bittersweet plays focussing on the trials and tribulations of six modern women with very different lives. Richard Wilson, Keith Barron, Frank Middlemass and James Hazeldine are among Cilla’s co-stars.

Circles of Deceit

Circles of Deceit logoAs produced for British television in the mid-1990s, the series of individual feature-length movies titled CIRCLES OF DECEIT star Dennis Waterman as John Neil. The character is ex-special forces operative, routinely tapped by British security services to keep the country safe by performing various heroic missions. These run the gamut, including everything from reigning in Irish terrorists to going head-to-head with malevolent drug pushers. Its dark edge, complex plots, generally great acting and writing and colourful and varied situations make it a rather gripping spy series. Circles of Deceit really started out as a one off for ITV in 1993. The film was popular enough to generate three follow ups that were produced and showed in 1995 and 1996 under the generic title of Circles of Deceit....

City Beneath the Sea

City Beneath the Sea logoScientists are kidnapped and taken to the undersea kingdom of Aegira where they fight the tyrannical Professor Ziebrecken and his plans for global conquest.

Clash of the Santas

Clash of the Santas logoChristmas family drama following the adventures of bickering best friends Colin and Howie from the City Lights series. The two fighting friends travel to Lithuania to take part in the World Santa Championships, where Howie will represent England. Colin is not too impressed at his own job: Howie's Elf helper. The pals end up going head-to-head when Colin is recruited by the mysterious Rainbow Santa team but is the team all it seems? And will the duo be able to save Christmas and get back in time to celebrate with their families?

Class Act

Class Act logoClass Act was an excellent comedy drama series starring Joanna Lumley which aired in the mid 90s. The drama surrounded the attempts of the aristocratic Kate Swift (Lumley) to regain the fortune which her husband had swindled her out of before he was murdered. Kate begins the series in prison where she befriends Aussie, Gloria O'Grady (Nadine Garner), who returns with her to her home after she is released. Gloria acts as Kate's unpaid maid and helps with all her schemes. They are quickly joined in their escapades by journalist Jack Booker (John Bowe) who revealed his sources and as a result got Kate into prison in the first place.</P> Whilst Jack helps or more often hinders Kate and Gloria, he also attempts to get his job back on the newspaper run by Joe Addison (Neil MacCaul). Detect...
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