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Case Sensitive

Case Sensitive logoCase Sensitive stars Olivia Williams in the lead role of DS Charlie Zailer and Darren Boyd as DC Simon Waterhouse, who are called in to investigate the deaths of a woman and her child.

Castle Haven

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Catchphrase logoTwo contestants, one male and the other female, would have to identify the familiar phrase represented by a piece of animation accompanied by background music. The show's mascot, a golden robot called "Mr Chips", appeared in many of the animations.

Catherine Cookson's The Gambling Man

Catherine Cookson's The Gambling Man logoBased on one of Catherine Cookson's most beloved works, this made-for-TV drama revolves around slick cardplayer Rory Connor (played by Robson Green), a rags-to-riches gambler faced with a life-changing decision. Never one to shy away from high stakes, Rory is in the game of his life when he's asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for his brother. Directed by Norman Stone, the film also stars Bernard Hill, Sylvestra Le Touzel and Sammy Johnson.

Catherine Cookson's The Girl

Catherine Cookson's The Girl logoA beautiful young girl raised by her philandering father and resentful stepmother following the death of her real mother must fight for her life when her stepmother turns against her in director David Wheatley's adaptation of author Catherine Cookson's popular novel.Tyne-Tees Television 1996 3 episodes

Catherine Cookson's The Secret

Catherine Cookson's The Secret logoIn this British television production, we follow the travails of Freddie Musgrave (Colin Buchanan), a onetime smuggler who falls in love with a successful businesswoman and leaves the criminal world behind him -- or tries to. When someone from Musgrave's past catches up with him in his new life, the ex-smuggler fears he could lose it all. Catherine Cookson's novel serves as the basis for this drama set in the 1880s.

Catherine Cookson's The Tide of Life

Catherine Cookson's The Tide of Life logoAnother of British television's many Catherine Cookson adaptations, The Tide of Life starred Gillian Kearney as typically Cookson-esque heroine Emily Kennedy. Living in Tyneside in the early 20th century, poor Emily is knocked about by fate and victimized by any number of nasty people -- until, of course, the Right Man comes along. In this instance, the man in question was Larry Birch, played by Ray Stevenson. Also known as Catherine Cookson's The Tide of Life, this three-part, three-hour miniseries originally aired in 1996.

Celebrity Love Island

Celebrity Love Island logo12 sexy singleton celebs living for 5 weeks on a paradise island in Fiji. Viewers have to vote for the couple they want to see in the the romantic love shack. Then on eviction nights the public vote who they don't want to see anymore...

Celebrity Wrestling

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