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Egypt - Beyond The Pyramids

Egypt - Beyond The Pyramids logoThe four programs from the History Channel in Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids showcase current archaeological work that is changing how historians think about life in ancient Egypt. Some of the greatest temples and tombs of Egypt are visited, and authorities explain the significance of particular aspects of their construction. Efforts to restore temples that had been lost under centuries of sand are shown, and one episode focuses on the discovery of a massive complex of tombs in the Valley of the Kings, which only began to be fully explored in the mid-1990s.

Empires of Industry

Empires of Industry logoChronicling the trades and commodities that made America an industrial power: coal, shipbuilding, brewing, textiles and steel. Also: profiles of magnates such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Kaiser.

engineering an empire

engineering an empire logoIn an era long passed, mighty empires were forged from nothing and rose to the heights of power. Join host Peter Weller, an actor and a professor at Syracuse University as he travels the world to show the engineering feats that gave rise to some of the greatest civilizations known to man. From Rome to the Pharaohs' Egypt, from Greece to Carthage, from the Aztecs to the Maya and more, this new program from the History Channel uses computer graphics to explore the architectural, political and cultural glory of the world's greatest empires.


Evolve logoThroughout The Eons Of Its Existence, The Natural World Has Played Host To This Never-Ending Competition Called Life. Since The Dawn Of Time, Roughly 99 Percent Of All Species Have Become Extinct. In Order To Survive, All Creatures, Including Man, Must Treat Life As A Battlefield And Master The Natural Weapons And Defenses That They Have Evolved: Tyrannosaurus Rex's 13-Inch Canines; The Gecko's Velcro-Like Toe Pads; The Bald Eagle's Telescopic Vision Capable Of Spotting A Hare A Mile Away. How Did These Attributes, Each Unique To The Organism Itself, Appear? Certainly Not Arbitrarily. They Evolved For A Common Reason - To Give These Animals A Critical Edge In Interspecies Warfare, And To Ensure The Survival Of The Individual’s Genes Into The Next Generation. To Evolve Is To Survive!
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Expedition Africa

Expedition Africa logoTwenty miles off the coast of eastern Africa, four modern-day explorers are sailing toward the unknown, the deep interior of Tanzania. They’ll travel 970 miles through African terrain that is as stunning as it is fraught with danger. Using only a compass and basic maps, they will attempt to recapture the spirit of one of the world’s most remarkable adventures—journalist Henry Morton Stanley’s perilous 1871 journey to find Dr. Stanley Livingstone. Their historic exploration has been captured by one of the premiere storytellers of our time, Mark Burnett, for the eight-part television event, "EXPEDITION AFRICA": STANLEY & LIVINGSTONE.

Extreme Trains

Extreme Trains logoEXTREME TRAINS, hosted by real-life train conductor Matt Bown, reveals the incredible inner workings and past lives of the amazing locomotives that haul huge loads across the nation and deliver passengers to their destinations. The series shows the huge part these trains have played in shaping American history--and how vital trains are to American life today.

Food Tech

Food Tech logoThe History Channel explores how our favorite foods are made.

Founding Brothers

Founding Brothers logohe "self-evident" truths were intensely debated. In America's first years, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Burr struggled to transform their disparate visions into an enduring government. Based on Joseph Ellis' Pulitzer Prize winning book, Founding Brothers examines six moments when the collisons and collusions of these towering figures left an indelible imprint on the nation: the secret dinner that determined the site of the capital and America's financial future; Benjamin Franklin's call for an end to slavery; George Washington's farewell address to the nation; John Adams's term as president; Hamilton and Burr's famous and fatal duel, and the final reconciliation between Adams and Jefferson. Drawing on the words of the founders and incisive commentary from...

Full Metal Jousting

Full Metal Jousting logoA maverick group of fighters compete for top honors in the most dangerous competition in history. Far from the contrivances of the Renaissance Fair, this is authentic, full-contact jousting, with two competitors on horses charging towards each other at 30 miles an hour. Gone is the traditional armor, replaced by state-of-the-art protective gear. Each week's episode features full-contact trials and preparations that will ultimately determine the champion-king of the joust.

Gadget Boy's Adventures in History

Gadget Boy's Adventures in History logoA sequel to Gadget Boy and Heather. It's sort of the same as the previous series, Only this time around, Gadget Boy can travel in time. Gadget Boy and Heather usually spend their time going back in time to rewrite Spyra's "historic" crime.
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