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Ancient Discoveries

Ancient Discoveries logoAncient Discoveries unearths new clues that connect the present with the past in more startling ways than we had ever imagined... Ancient Discoveries posits that famous innovative thinkers like Archimedes, Ctesibius, Galen, and Heron discovered or invented numerous technologies and procedures previously thought to have been first imagined in just the last few centuries. In the ancient texts of Homer and the walls of Egyptian tombs lie tantalizing clues that are causing historians to re-think just how sophisticated centuries-old societies were. Drawings show that the Egyptians may have unlocked the secret to flight with primitive helicopter designs, and that the Chinese had a “wind car” in the 6th century AD that could transport them over land at up to 30 miles per hour. Even more amazi...

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt logoAncient Egypt's history stretches back thousands of years to the dawn of recorded time. This History Channel series traces this immense and rich history from the earliest dynasties, to the builders of the pyramids all the way through to Egypt's conquest by Alexander the Great. Come and explore the greatest civilisation of all time.

Ancient Scotland

Ancient Scotland logoThe great nation of Scotland has plenty to be proud of in its long and glorious history, and here we present a closer look at four of the country’s greatest tales. Explore the true story of Rob Roy: was he a real life folk hero, akin to a Scottish Robin Hood, or just a low-down thief and coward? Take a journey into the past and examine the truth behind the many ghost stories surrounding the ‘haunted’ city of Edinburgh. Cast a scientific eye over the findings of previous Loch Ness explorations, and learn all about the cast of fascinating characters who have helped the legend of the Loch Ness Monster grow to global proportions. And finally, explore the country as it was known by Braveheart himself, William Wallace, with a trip to some of the many castles and towns where he enjoyed mome...

Ancients Behaving Badly

Ancients Behaving Badly logoComprehensive series in which ancient persons have made some bad decisions, like insanity, murder, and being not so nice.

Angels and Demons Decoded

Angels and Demons Decoded logoInvestigate the fascinating truths behind Dan Brown's (The Da Vinci Code) first novel. From centuries-old secret societies to real-world cryptography, from the high-stakes intrigue surrounding the installation of a new Pope to the sometimes uneasy relationship between the Vatican and leading scientists, this special will thrill and inform viewers about this monumental time in world history. The clues Brown's hero Robert Langdon follows in frantic pursuit of the Illuminati will inspire further investigation--into religious conspiracies and the Freemasons, secret "codes" hidden in Roman architecture and artwork--as well as controversial theories about religious iconography. Features scenes from the new movie as well as interviews with renowned symbologists, art historians, religious scholars...

Ape To Man

Ape To Man logoAs our astronauts tumble about in the zero-gravity of space miles above our heads, back down here on the little blue ball, the country that got them there only recently found itself in the midst of a heated debate about whether all that scientific progress was actually just the work of a bunch of monkeys. Since Stanley Kubrick's most famous jump-cut conveniently skipped over how one goes from smashing bones to spacewalks, the History Channel gives us Ape to Man, a journey through the revolution that was (and still is) evolution. It is an intelligent and exciting visual primer on the science of anthropology and its search for our ancestors.

Apocalypse Man

Apocalypse Man logoApocalypse Man is an American television program that premiered on January 6, 2010 on History hosted by former US Marine and martial-artist Rudy Reyes. The show is based on how to survive the aftermath of the end of the world, if the world was to come to an end. Rudy Reyes is a former Recon Marine, and later states "Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action" while doing a door breach, this statement is the motto of the USMC Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team's Recapture Tactics Team, which is a unit that is Special Operations Capable.

Appalachian Outlaws

Appalachian Outlaws logoDeep in Appalachia, a war is brewing over one valuable commodity: ginseng. With global demand skyrocketing, dealers are eager to get in on the game, and with prices hovering around $1,000 per pound, diggers are in a frenzy to harvest the mountain gold. Some even believe its gnarled roots have special healing powers. Whoever controls the ginseng, controls the mountains. The Appalachian Mountains have just the right elevation, rainfall and mineral-rich soil to produce the best wild ginseng in the world. Over-harvesting in Asia has increased demand, pushing prices to an all-time high. People are rushing to cash in, but it’s only legal to dig for it from the end of summer until the first frost. To prevent over-harvesting in the U.S., some states have started regulating where it’s legal to...

Around The World In 80 Ways

Around The World In 80 Ways logoWhy take any old car when you can get where you're going by rickshaw or hovercraft? For two real-life adrenaline junkies charged with circumnavigating the globe using every conceivable mode of transportation, it's not the destination that counts, but the journey itself. That's the challenge for Robert "Boston Rob" Mariano (Survivor, The Amazing Race) and Dennis Anderson (creator of the monster truck Gravedigger), hosts of the upcoming new series AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 WAYS on HISTORY. The 10-part series premieres 4th Quarter, 2011, and is created by Thom Beers and his Original Productions team.


Bamazon logoWhat do you get when you combine Alabama and the Amazon? Bamazon, of course, which is the title of this docuseries that follows a group of eight unemployed construction workers from Alabama who travel to Guyana to explore the South American nation's rain forests and wildlife. But they're not there just to enjoy the scenery. They head to the Amazon in search of gold. The group sets up a gold-mining operation to try to earn some cash while out of work.
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