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Russia, Land of the Tsars

Russia, Land of the Tsars logoIts forests stretch from Europe to the Pacific. Its winters have vanquished the mightiest armies ever mustered. Its people have borne the excesses of some of history's most notorious rulers. RUSSIA: LAND OF THE TSARS illuminates the imperial past of the world's largest nation. At the heart of this epic tale are the figures whose names have become legend: Ivan the Terrible, who expanded the empire at the rate of 50 miles--and innumerable lives--a day; Peter the Great, whose sweeping reforms westernized the nation; and Catherine the Great, whose rule was marked by conquest, change and controversy. Filmed on location throughout Russia, enriched by exclusive visits to important sites and museums, and filled with commentary from renowned scholars, this is a kaleidoscopic, captivating portrait o...


Sandhogs logoThis new American Original series will explore the history of the Sandhogs, groups of workers who have built tunnels under New York City.

Secret Files of the Inquisition

Secret Files of the Inquisition logoDescribes the western world's most potent religion, Catholicism, and its determination to maintain power at any cost in medieval France, 15th century Spain, Renaissance Italy and even into the 19th century. Historians, experts and Church authorities advise on the handling of this controversial subject matter.

Secrets of Ancient Empires

Secrets of Ancient Empires logoThis unique series traces the development of the ancient peoples, revealing new secrets and exploring myths as it seeks the truth behind the great civilizations. Featuring brand new location footage from all over the world, stunning reconstructions and re-creations plus rare period imagery, these entertaining and informative programs provide a superb record of the very roots of today's civilization and society.
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Secrets of War

Secrets of War logoIn this epic historical documentary series, Sworn to Secrecy, secrets are divulged and stories of espionage, conspiracy, murder, sabotage and greed are uncovered.

Serial Killer Earth

Serial Killer Earth logoIn recent years the destructive power of natural disasters has been recorded, from Hurricane Katrina to the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. Serial Killer Earth brings together a top team of experts to examine the most compelling footage from news and home video, as well as eyewitness testimony, in order to explain, understand and inform viewers of what actually happened during these disasters and how they compare and contrast with the most historic natural disasters of the past.

Sex in the Ancient World

Sex in the Ancient World logoThe subject of this program is sexuality. It contains explicit images and content meant for a mature audience. Viewer discretion is advised

Shadow Force

Shadow Force logoUnconventional warfare tactics have been around since the beginning of war itself. Small units, who have mastered the art of deception, and special techniques, have historically prevailed against overwhelming odds. The SHADOW FORCE team is the latest in this long tradition of special warriors. Their knowledge and understanding of this art, as well advance surveillance techniques and their military know how, gives them the edge to bring down bands of criminal operations. To succeed, they must also possess broad and in-depth knowledge about the history, government and customs of the countries they are operating in. The "Shadwdow Force" team is made up of five experts, all with distinct skill sets that make them uniquely qualified to carry out these dangerous missions: Bob Parr – The Sh...


Shockwave logoCompiled from video footage and eyewitness accounts to the headline making events and attempts to educate the viewer as to what really happened in a particular event.


Shootout! logoA television program that chronicles famous shootouts from the perspective of both sides of the fight. (IMDB)
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