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Baggage logoSimilar to The Dating Game, Baggage gives three contestants the chance to win the eye of a prospective date. The contestants carry three suitcases onstage, a small, medium, and large one. Each suitcase contains an embarrassing, unique, or weird proposition the contestant may have.Once the three contestants are pared down to one, the potential dater must admit to a fault of his or her own.

Celebrity Blackjack

Celebrity Blackjack logoSeason Two of Celebrity Blackjack is now on GSN. New episodes air Tuesday nights at 10 P.M. Season Two features 40 celebrities playing for up to $300,000 for their charities, with a total of $1,000,000 being won by celebrities for their charities. This season will have a 13-episode run, with 10 tournament games, two semi-final games, and one championship game. Matt Vasgersian is the sole host for Season Two. Miss an episode? Don't worry. You can catch a repeat of each episode after its original broadcast, or catch it again right before the next new episode the following week. There are also many other repeats throughout the week, so check schedule listings for the time that's best for you. Season One Following GSN's popular World Series of Blackjack, Celebrity Blackjack premiered on GSN Ju...

Extreme Dodgeball

Extreme Dodgeball logoIn school, some feared this game. Others relished it. But either way you look at it, it's back, and taken to the extreme! Extreme Dodgeball is where 8 teams fight it out for the title of greatest dodgeball team in the world. But what makes this different than the other brands of dodgeball? Because it's professional, five-on-five, multiball, split-court extreme dodgeball. Season Two Extreme Dodgeball returns with bigger stakes and new players. Eight teams of forty rookie and veteran players will be competing for $25,000 in prize money. The 8 teams are as follows: Classic Division Certified Public Assassins: The former champions from season 1, dressed as certified public accountants (that's really what CPA stands for), these guys were the biggest nerds in their schools, but now they're here ...

High Stakes Poker

High Stakes Poker logoThe star players participating in High Stakes Poker have big money at stake and are ready to win or lose it all... sometimes on a single hand. This invitation only No Limit Hold'em cash game features a $100k minimum buy-in, but some of the fearless gamblers have brought millions of dollars of their own money to the table. Legends such as Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan are joined by rising young guns, established cash game professionals and successful businessmen like LA Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss. Aside from the action at the table, High Stakes Poker will also provide rare glimpses into the private-life of some of poker's elite players.

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette logoFour strangers: One goal: to win a head to head competition for a chance at $100,000. One wrong answer could be their last! This is Russian Roulette! Edited my itiparanoid13 and main contributor to episode guide Otto9000. This show has one of the most unique formats I have ever seen. There are 6 holes on the stage. There are 4 contestants. Each is standing in a different hole. One drop zone is activated. Each receives $150 just for standing inside a hole. A challenger is selected. Mark reads the question. The challenger chooses someone to answer the question. If it is answered correctly, the player gets $150. For each correct question, another drop zone is activated. There can be five drop zones at the most activated at once. However, if time runs out or if someone answers i...

The American Bible Challenge

The American Bible Challenge logoThe one-hour show tests contestants on their Bible knowledge. Utilizing current as well as historical references, questions will be drawn from the rich, dense narrative found in the world's best-selling book. The contestants will share their compelling back-stories and each team will be playing for a charitable organization.
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