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France 2

France 2 logoNo Description

Kingdom of The Oceans

Kingdom of The Oceans logoA four-part documentary series on ocean life around the world.

Le Peuple des Océans

Le Peuple des Océans logoA four-part documentary series on ocean life around the world.

Maigret (1991)

Maigret (1991) logoA faithful adaptation of the novels of Georges Simenon television. Between crimes and mysterious business, the legendary phlegm Inspector Jules Maigret succeed he solve all investigations?
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Minuscule logoMinuscule follows the day-to-day existence of anthropomorphic insects. The characters are modelled on computer in 3D and are then set against real scenery. Each animation has a short, self contained and often humorous storyline. The audio is a combination of genuine insect and ambient recordings, and sound effects such as car or helicopter engines, synthesized buzzing etc. During the episodes no words are ever spoken and, although it is a real world setting with houses, fences, cars and garbage bins often involved in the storyline, humans themselves appear only peripherally (if at all).

Secrets d'histoire

Secrets d'histoire logoSecrets d’Histoire is a documentary series presented by Stéphane Bern. Each issue is trying to solve a mysterious episode of History, especially that of France.


Skyland logoIn the year 2251, the earth has been shattered into tens of millions of aimlessly drifting blocks around the earth's core. Oslo, a power-hungry dictator, controls this land, referred to as Skyland. Oslo possesses telekinetic, or "Seijin" powers that have allowed him to seize control of water, the most precious resource on Skyland. Mila, who also possesses "Seijin" powers, has been imprisoned by Oslo. Her children, Mahad, a rebelious teen with expert piloting skills and his sister, Lena, a young female with advanced Seijin Powers, with the help of the private resistence are going to attempt the free their mother from Oslo's evil grasp and destroy the dreaded Sphere. Will they be able to accomplish such a task?

The Hunter

The Hunter logoNo Description

Vu du ciel

Vu du ciel logoNo Description

World War II: The Apocalypse

World War II: The Apocalypse logoIn six episodes of 52 minutes, Apocalypse tells WWII through the eyes of those who experienced: so many soldiers on the battlefield or civilians fleeing the chefs. Military Strategy and Evidence of daily mingle in this unique documentary series, consisting exclusively of stock footage and built as a great cinematic fresco. 50% of unpublished images in color and high definition sound completely reworked in 5.1 and the voice of Mathieu Kassovitz: Apocalypse is a steep dive in the heart of the most devastating global conflict. An unprecedented shock to the generations that remember the Apocalypse ...
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