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France 2

France 2 logoNo Description

A family murder party

A family murder party logoNo Description

Ce jour là tout a changé

Ce jour là tout a changé logoA reenactment of some of the most crucial historical episodes in French history such as the last day of king Henri IV of France before his murder by the fanatical catholic Ravaillac, or king Louis XVI's failed attempt to escape revolutionary Paris.

David Nolande

David Nolande logoDavid's life is forever changed when he accidentally kills an elderly gypsy woman known to be a psychic medium. During the murder trial a man informs David of the curse that has been thrust upon him as a result. This series is the story of the rest of his life.

Envoyé Spécial

Envoyé Spécial logoSince January 1990, A look at current affairs in France and abroad through a series of special reports, profiles, documentaries and exclusive investigations. Chaired and presented by Guilaine Chenu and Françoise Joly.

Fairy Princess Minky Momo

Fairy Princess Minky Momo logoMomo is a little girl eho lives with her parents. She is from the land of dreams sent to earth to not lose their dreams. Momo and her parents own and run a pet shop. Momo lives in Fenarinarsa which is now near earth's space to help people who lost dreams. She uses her his ability to change herself or something into various things. To end the series she gets killed and was reborned as a human. Theme song LOVE LOVE MINKY MOMO onegai kiite LOVE LOVE MINKY MOMO onegai kiite mahou no PRINCESS tokimeku yokan nanika wo matteru kyou no mukou ni toki yo maware yume no ohanashi donna watashi ni deaeru kashira otona ni nattara nan ni naru otona ni nattara nan ni naru DREAMING yume ga kitto kanau wa LOVE LOVE MINKY MOMO onegai kiite LOVE LOVE MINKY MOMO onegai kiite LOVE LOVE M...

Fort Boyard

Fort Boyard logoNo Description

Galactic Football

Galactic Football logoGalactik Football is a French animated television series, co-produced by Alphanim, France 2, Jetix and Welkin-Animation. It follows the story of a futuristic football team - The Snow Kids - as they try to win the Galactik Football Cup for their home planet Akillian, with the help of The Flux - a mystical energy, specific for every planet. [1] On June 20, 2007 Jetix Europe announced it had acquired a second 26 episode season set to begin airing across Europe in 2008. The second series started in United Kingdom on April 5, 2008.

History Secrets

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