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Rolf's Animal Clinic

Rolf's Animal Clinic logoAnimal documentary series presented by Rolf Harris

Roobarb and Custard Too

Roobarb and Custard Too logoUpdated version of the classic (1974) childrens TV show.Roobarb the green keen dog would have a plan with which to fill the emptiness of his days, whilst Custard the shocking pink cat would scoff at his associate and do his very best to undermine Roobarb's enthusiasm as the birds in the trees chattered and twittered excitedly in and around the tale.

Rory and Paddy's Even Greater British Adventure

Rory and Paddy's Even Greater British Adventure logoComedians Paddy McGuiness and Rory McGrath embark on another light-heartedly competitive tour of Britain – taking each other on at various obscure and barmy games they discover en route.

Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol

Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol logoNew documentary series following Royal Navy warship HMS Manchester on her final deployment – a seven-month tour of duty hunting drug smugglers in the Caribbean.
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Royal Navy Submarine Mission

Royal Navy Submarine Mission logoRoyal Navy: Submarine Mission is a documentary series which follows the crew on the hunter-killer class submarine HMS Turbulent. Captain Ryan Ramsey and his 130 crew are getting ready for a mission that will see them stay underwater for 100 days as they patrol the pirate-infested waters surrounding the Horn of Africa. The uprising in Libyan though means the submarine is forced to plot a new course towards Tripoli, where the crew will have to protect civilians caught up in the conflict.

Secret Interview

Secret Interview logoEight unwitting candidates are assessed on their suitability for a life-changing job while under the impression they are filming a documentary about their workplaces. Over the course of a week, each of them is tested to the limit by a team of actors intent on causing chaos, while their prospective boss secretly watches everything and judges their ability to handle the pressure.

Sex and Shopping

Sex and Shopping logoNo Description

Stansted: The Inside Story

Stansted: The Inside Story logoDocumentary series lifting the lid on the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to keep Stansted airport running.

Steven Seagal v Justin Lee Collins

Steven Seagal v Justin Lee Collins logoSteven Seagal might be best known for an action-movie career spanning three decades but, as Justin discovers in this documentary, the Michigan-born actor has many more strings to his bow. As well as starring in, directing and producing his own films, Seagal is an accomplished blues musician, environmentalist, and a committed Buddhist, animal rights activist and philanthropist.

Suburban Shootout

Suburban Shootout logoSuburban Shootout chronicles the exercise classes and carpools of suburban housewives with a dark twist – they kill each other. Camilla Diamond and Barbara Du Prez are two power hungry housewives locked in a vicious battle, each with their own team of women who are highly armed and combat-ready.
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