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In a Heartbeat

In a Heartbeat logoWelcome to the In a Heartbeat guide at TV Tome. In A Heartbeat is about teens working as EMT's while going to school while trying to maintain the life of a normal teenager. The squad is made up of Val Lanier, she's a good student and a cheerleader. There's Tyler Connell, the football player who's dealing with his step dad. Hank Beecham is Tyler's best friend and on the football team too. He's the "professional" one of their group but in the pilot we see a different side of him. The fourth member of their squad id Jamie Waite, and unlike everyone else on the squad he's not there by choice. He's the reble who doesn't want to be there, he want's to finish his parole and he's out of there. He's on probabtion for steeling, much to the dismay of Alex Freeman, the man in charge of running ...

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Jake and the Never Land Pirates logoJake is the leader of a new crew of kid pirates who take on adventures emphasizing team work. Joining them are classic characters Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee.

Jessie (2011)

Jessie (2011) logoJessie is an 18-year old girl from a rural Texas town who moves to New York City. She suddenly finds herself becoming the nanny of four children living in a multi-million dollar penthouse in a hotel after being pushed out of a taxi. One of the youngest children just asks her to be her nanny and now Jessie has to get them to get along by keeping them from fighting. One of the children has an imaginary friend and another has a pet water monitor lizard. Assisting her is Bertram, a mean, lazy butler and Tony, a 20-year-old doorman who secretly likes Jessie.

JoJo's Circus

JoJo's Circus logoJoJo's Circus is a lively music-filled and movement focused series, produced in stop-motion animation, invites viewers to interact with JoJo, a curious 6-year-old clown, as she explores the colorful world under the Big Top and around Circus Town, the ultimate kid's playground. JoJo's Circus brings the value of learning about movement through age appropriate and imitatable games, songs, colorful circus characters and funny storylines. Young viewers are invited to use the body's large muscle groups to walk, run, dance, jump, climb and move with JoJo and all the characters in Circus Town, engaging fine and gross motor skills. At the end of each story, JoJo takes the spotlight and answers the question, "What did you learn today?"
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Jonas logoThe show follows the fictional "Lucas" Brothers through fun and unusual situations as they try to live ordinary lives. The series will also feature original Jonas Brothers songs created especially for the show. "JONAS" is set in the Lucas family's New Jersey home and at their private school, Horace Mantis Academy. Little brother Frankie also stars, and the family wouldn't be complete without The Big Man, the JONAS bodyguard.

Jungle Junction

Jungle Junction logoSet deep in the heart of an unexplored, road-filled Jungle, the show features a group of fun-loving animals on wheels and aims to help preschoolers develop their pre-literacy skills, as well as encouraging them to care about the environment.

Kids Incorporated

Kids Incorporated logoThe crew from Kids Incorporated dance and sing their way through teenage issues. The show combined music and performance with the trials and tribulations of growing up. Not all titles are official due to the titles not being listed on the show. Please note all these are episodes that happened on Disney Channel and in Syndication.

Kim Possible

Kim Possible logoDisney's smash hit Kim Possible (voiced by Christy Carlson Romano) is all about a high school teen, balancing the cheerleading captain position, honor roll, and many more, including saving the world from villains. Of course, all heroes need a wisecracking, clumsy partner. "KP" is no exception. The comic relief of the heroic duo, Ron (Will Friedle) is always there for Kim. Call Me, Beep Me, If you wanna reach me. [b]Character Guide: Kim Possible - The main character of the show. She's a teen action hero. Cheerleader by day, crime-fighter by night. She's very quick-witted and uses various gadgets to defeat her enemies. Ron Stoppable - Kim's best friend, partner and in third season boyfriend. He's always there for Kim, but sometimes, he causes more harm than help. Dr. Drakken- Kim's main ar...

Kim Possible and the New Incredible Super Piglet

Kim Possible and the New Incredible Super Piglet logoKim Possible and the New Incredible Super Piglet, also erroneously titled Kim Possible and the Super Piglet in promos and commercial break bumpers, is a half-time television series that features a short version of Kim Possible. Episodes of The Incredible Super Piglet were later shown as part of the syndication package Kim Possible.

Life with Derek

Life with Derek logoLife with Derek is a half-hour comedy series about a modern blended family, with two type-A 15 year-olds, Casey (Ashley Leggat) and Derek (Michael Seater). Each episode is an alpha-teen comic war between two self-obsessed teenagers in a take-no-prisoners fight for control of their house, their school, and their world.
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