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Dog With a Blog

Dog With a Blog logoAvery Jennings and Tyler James are step-siblings who are complete opposites. The family faces an even bigger adjustment when their new dog, Stan, can talk and also has a blog, unbeknownst to the family. Stan uses his blog to discuss the happenings in the Jennings-James household. Avery and Tyler later learn of Stan's talking ability and agree to keep it a secret from their parents.

Donald Duck: Disney Animated Shorts

Donald Duck: Disney Animated Shorts logoThe success of Donald Duck came at a most opportune time. While Mickey was still popular, he had evolved into a more gentle, easy-going character. Consequently, Disney was finding it more and more difficult to come up with ideas that would be comedically fruitful. With Donald, the possibilities seemed endless.Throughout his career, Donald's voice was provided by Clarence "Ducky" Nash, and a lot of his humor came from the fact that you could never really understand what he was saying; even more so when he flew into one of his fits of rage. However, more than once Donald has been accused of profanity. In Clock Cleaners, the Rev. Donald Wildmon swore that he heard Donald say an obscenity in one of his outbursts and convinced the Wal-Mart chain to pull the video off of their shelves because of...


Ducktales logoWhen Donald Duck decides to join the Navy, he leaves his nephews, Hewey, Dewey and Louie, in the care of his cantankerous Uncle Scrooge. He is an eccentric and miserly billionare who loves to literally swim in his money that is held in his corporate headquarters/vault known as the Money Bin. While the initial meeting was less than pleasant, events soon have them, along with a newly hired nanny, her daughter and Scrooge's stupid but skilled pilot, on countless adventures as the group goes around the world looking for treasure, or defending Scrooge's current assets from enemies like the Beagle Boys or Magica De Spell.

Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries

Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries logoDr. Zahi Hawass and a team of archaeologists select the most-important relics in the country.

Even Stevens

Even Stevens logoThis popular and critically-acclaimed family was part of Disney Channel's "Zoog Weekendz" lineup. It's all about an upper-middle class family in Sacramento, California with the focus on the two youngest siblings: Louis, the natural comedian who's trying to find his place among the over-achievers in his family, and Ren, the seemingly perfect daughter who is regularly driven to distraction by her younger brother.

Fish Hooks

Fish Hooks logoThis inventive animated comedy series, set inside a giant fish tank in Bud's Pet Shop, presents high school life as seen through the eyes of three BFFs (best fish friends), Bea, Milo and Oscar. Together they experience the typical life challenges and triumphs, including friendship, dating and sports, along with more atypical situations such as giant lobster attacks and, with the use of special land suits, school field trips to the hamster cages. The series was created by children's book illustrator Noah Z. Jones and features a notable voice cast. It's produced using an innovative mixture of digital animation and photo collage

Flash Forward

Flash Forward logoBecca Fisher and Tucker James are two 13 year-olds who have been best friends since birth. They live next door to each other and have shared birthday parties, babysitters and backyard swings. But now, Becca and Tucker are beginning the rite of passage known as the eighth grade. Suddenly, they are teenagers, testing the bounds of their new independence while struggling to hang on the their past.

Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie logoThe series follows two teenagers, Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) and P.J. Holliday (Jason Dolley), and their 10-year-old brother, Gabe (Bradley Steven Perry), whose parents enlist their help when they return to work after the birth of their fourth child, Charlotte, aka Charlie. With their parents juggling full time careers, the older Holliday siblings pitch in, getting very familiar with baby formula, burps, clothes, and babysitting while navigating typical teenage life. In each episode, Teddy creates a personalized video diary for Charlie. Each video will chronicle Teddy’s daily adventures and mishaps for Charlie to use as advice when her big sister is no longer living at home.

Good Morning, Miss Bliss

Good Morning, Miss Bliss logoGood Morning, Miss Bliss was about a junior high teacher, Miss Bliss, played by Hayley Mills, and some of her students, including Zack, Screech, Nikki, Mikey, & Lisa. Miss Bliss was an innovative teacher, which did not always please her boss, Mr. Belding, who was the principal of the school. Miss Bliss had been widowed a couple of years before and so juggled her personal life with her commitment to her students. The setting of the show was JFK Junior High in Indiana. Spin-offs- Saved by the Bell-Pretty much the same show with new teachers, and new kids. Saved by the Bell: The college years-The same middle school kids from Miss Bliss's class are off and headed for college. But what havok will they cause over there? Saved by the Bell: The New Class- A new cast of characters, that attend H...
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