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Dirty Money (2011)

Dirty Money (2011) logoThe old adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure is brought to life in the new Discovery Channel series Dirty Money In a fascinating look at what happens when a passion becomes a lifestyle, Dirty Money brings together the tale of two brothers, a few dumpsters...and an uncanny knack for creating must have collectibles. John and Jimmy DiResta live and breathe flea markets. With the help of John's son Matthew (AKA "Rat-Boy"), the DiResta brothers live by the mantra, "Find it. Fix it. Sell it!"

Discovery 2057

Discovery 2057 logoWhat would you see and experience if the clocks rolled forward 50 years? In a unique blend of drama and science, this three-part series shows you the world of tomorrow. Will we have flying cars? Will advances in medicine help us stay young forever? What about "printing" custom-made vital organs? What will our cities look like? What will tomorrow's wars be about? Will we have robots helping around the house? Will solar power be the new oil? Supported by the world's leading scientists and research institutes, we embark on a quest to answer some of society's most fundamental questions and reveal the dramas of tomorrow's world along the way. State-of-the-art computer graphics in combination with a dynamic story line will create a world usually only seen in feature films, but with the accuracy...

Discovery Channel - Hackers

Discovery Channel - Hackers logoOver the past 20 years a new breed of people has been evolving. They have their own culture, their own technology and their own languages. Among them are pirates and thieves, celebrities and philosophers, lawbreakers and police, heroes and villains. They operate all over the world but their real home is cyberspace. And now there's a conflict in cyberspace between its outlaws and its angels. This is the inside story of the very different missions which now drive the diverse breed of people known to the world as hackers.

Discovery Channel - Mega Engineering

Discovery Channel - Mega Engineering logoA look at the problems and solutions in developing and maintaining huge structures.

Discovery Channel - Megaworld

Discovery Channel - Megaworld logoMegaWorld is a fun, fast paced, experiential approach to presenting a country or region's innovations in science and technology. Hosted by Kevin Brauch (The Thirsty Traveller, Da Vinci: Unlocking the Genius), and filmed and finished in HDTV, each episode highlights the biggest, fastest, most exciting engineering, automotive and construction projects

Discovery Channel - Rogue Nature

Discovery Channel - Rogue Nature logoWhen an animal attacks a person, oftentimes the immediate consideration is euthanasia for the troublesome creature. But what causes an animal to go "rogue" and harm humans in the first place? Are these animals acting on instinct or are they simply vicious to the core? Canadian predator expert Dave Salmoni poses this question in "Rogue Nature," a six-part series that gets up close and personal with some of the world's most dangerous wild animals. Each episode features a species known for their frequent attack on humans. From bears and lions to hippos and elephants, Salmoni studies each animal's predatory profile and documents stories of survival from attack victims to try and gage how dangerous these species inherently are. He then sets out into the wild to observe the animals in their natu...

Discovery Channel - Sensing Murder

Discovery Channel - Sensing Murder logoSensing Murder is the television series in the United States, broadcasted on the Discovery Channel, in which alleged psychics are asked to act as psychic detectives to help solve famous unsolved murder cases. The psychics have not managed to solve any of the cases, although they have uncovered facts that only police knew about. They have in some cases provided actual names of persons related to the area the crime was committed to police, names of persons confirmed by serving or ex-serving police officers to have existed and resided in close proximity to locations of crimes around the time they were committed.

Discovery Channel - Two Weeks in Hell

Discovery Channel - Two Weeks in Hell logoThis two hour Discovery Channel special shows the two week selection process that the Army's Special Forces Green Berets must endure to become candidates for Green Beret training.

Discovery Channel - What's That About

Discovery Channel - What's That About logo‘What’s That About?’ investigates the physics, chemistry and technology behind the items we use every day.
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