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Wreckreation Nation

Wreckreation Nation logoDave Mordal takes us on a guided tour of America's backyard adventurers and free-time fanatics: people who take their hobbies seriously - and to the extreme! Whether it's Punkin' Chunkin' in Delaware, Barstool Sledding in Wisconsin, or Alligator Wrestling in Colorado, Dave leaves no corner of the country unexplored in his quest for people who aren't afraid to make their own fun. Wreakreation Nation highlights instances of American ingenuity including hometown traditions, competitions and downright quirky pastimes that make this country so unique. It's an inside look at what people do when they have too much free time on their hands, as well as the length they will go to just to have a little fun!

Yukon Men

Yukon Men logoThere's a town deep in the remote interior of Alaska, at the junction of two powerful rivers, with no roads in or out, where wolves howling through the frigid night air reminds the 200 people living there how isolated they really are. Discovery Channel's thrilling new series YUKON MEN, premiering Friday August 24th at 10PM ET/PT unveils Tanana, Alaska as its people face one of the most brutal winters on record. Life here is harsh. People struggle to find food and heat; battle life-threatening predators just to survive. Boys grow into men quickly here because they must help the family survive. Father-son bonding and tensions take on a new meaning in this environment. The stakes are high in Tanana, and to defy the odds, to survive and to battle the harsh Alaskan wilderness, these YUKON...
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