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Ultimate Getaways

Ultimate Getaways logoNo Description

Ultimate Journeys

Ultimate Journeys logoUltimate Journeys brings the wonders of the world to light, as you have never seen them before. The stunning high definition footage transports you to the most extreme places on the planet on a spine-tingling world of adventure. Ultimate Journeys provides the ultimate adventure guide, going off the beaten track and away from the tourist trail. Each episode goes to the heart of the destination, from its history and culture to its cuisine and wildlife. Explore the icy depths of Antarctica, the heavenly peaks of Chile; the coral jungles of Micronesia, the sky scrapers of Shanghai and tour Vietnam by motorbike. It is a global adventure like no other.

United States of Bacon

United States of Bacon logo“Bacon is undeniably, irrefutably one of the most popular foods in America. What was once a measly breakfast side dish is now the garnish du jour, as the artistic centerpiece of traditional recipes and in avant-garde pairings with ice cream, jam, and cocktails,” said Marc Etkind, SVP of Content Strategy for Destination America. “It’s no wonder bacon is in high demand, but it certainly won’t be in short supply on "UNITED STATES OF BACON". If only television screens were scratch and sniff!” “As a chef, bacon is among the foods closest to my heart. But with a bacon shortage looming, my quest to taste the best dishes in America takes on national importance,” said host Todd Fisher. “UNITED STATES OF BACON" is the only show on television dedicated to bacon and all of its inspi...

Untold Stories Of The E.R.

Untold Stories Of The E.R. logoUntold Stories of the E.R. follows real life stories of incidents occuring to doctors at real hospital emergency rooms and the troubles they face trying to help the various people that they encounter.

Unwrapped: The Mysterious World Of Mummies

Unwrapped: The Mysterious World Of Mummies logoEach mummy is an encyclopedia: A tooth can tell you when they were sick, a hair, what they ate, an x-ray can tell you how they died and CAT-Scans are what we use for the details. Sometimes they reveal that the embalmers weren't always very careful... But in some degree they've all cheated time, so secrets are what they would whisper... if they could whisper. The well-known author of two excellent popular presentations of current Egyptology, Bob Brier skillfully gives voice to his objects of affection: mummies from Asia, Europe, and South America. Brier also shows us how mummies fascinated people in all times and places and have been incomparable source materials for medical, scientific, and religious history. Brier is certainly the right person to present this show since he has a genuine t...

Vic Reeves' Rogues Gallery

Vic Reeves' Rogues Gallery logoExplore the history of some of Britain’s most famous rogues; colourful characters whose failures, successes and memorable moments earned them a place in the history books.

Walking The Amazon

Walking The Amazon logoFollow Ed Stafford's extraordinary journey as he battles dense jungle, deadly creatures, drug-traffickers and tropical disease, in a bid to conquer the length of the Amazon River.

Weapon Masters

Weapon Masters logoWeapon Masters takes a look at world-changing weapons from the past and how they were made. Each episode will try to recreate the weapon using modern materials and techniques and see if the ancient craftsmen work stands the test of time.

Weird or What

Weird or What logoWe want to believe there is a reason for everything. That everything that happens in our world, no matter how bizarre, no matter how baffling, can be explained. But sometimes things happen that seem to defy logic. This documentary series tries to use science to explain weird events that happened around the world.

What Killed The Mega Beasts

What Killed The Mega Beasts logoImagine a world overrun by 9-foot flightless birds, 17-foot giant Beavers and predatory marsupial lions as tall as elephants! Two million years ago, these enormous creatures - Mega Beasts - roamed the continents in bursting populations. Despite the fact that each gargantuan species is now extinct the mystery of their demise lives on. Watch the most rivetingly realistic computer animation available as What Killed the Mega Beast? takes you on a fascinating journey through time. Now you too can attempt to solve one of the greatest riddles ever, one that to this day keeps scientists from Patagonia to Colorado to New Zealand debating and searching for answers. Join us as we explore these questions: Is it the "Chill Theory" which argues that profound climatic change accounts for the death of the...
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