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Fast N' Loud

Fast N' Loud logoMotor mastermind Richard Rawlings and mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufmann of Gas Monkey Garage search for derelict classic cars. To some, the cars look like rust buckets, but to this crew they're gold…and ready to be brought back to life.

Fearless Planet

Fearless Planet logoDiscovery Channel's new adrenaline-filled, six-part series is a thrill ride through the earth's most awesome natural wonders, taking extreme filmmaking to a whole new level. Viewers join world paragliding record holder and renowned extreme sportsman Will Gadd as he journeys to some of the most amazing locations in the world —Alaska, the Sahara, Hawaii, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon — to understand how these stunning formations were created. The series uses cutting-edge photo-real computer graphics to bring to life the geological processes that created these natural wonders.

Feast India

Feast India logoFeast India is a lush, colourful and fascinating glimpse into Indian culture, food and customs, presented by English-born chef Barry Vera. Barry savours the surprising delights of simple street food and an amazing variety of tantalising regional cuisine, and immerses himself in the diverse cultural influences that make each area of India so distinct. From a Sikh temple kitchen in Delhi, where up to 70,000 meals are served each day, to life in a tribal desert village in Rajasthan; from vibrant markets and spice bazaars to a traditional village wedding; a heady cardamom auction to the chaotic buzz of Mumbai's beach carnivals and the eerie silence of a salt mine, and of course, much, much, more.

Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear logoFifth Gear is a British show and as implied by the title, it's about cars. The hosts have motorsport backgrounds and take you under the hoods of the latest speedsters and conduct tests and stunts to see what different cars are capable of.
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Fight Quest

Fight Quest logoJoin hosts Doug Anderson and Jimmy Smith as they travel the globe in search of a variety of fighting challenges. The pair immerse themselves in the local culture as they prepare to face off against a local in a no-holds-barred battle. Locations include the Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico City, Thailand, Israel, Brazil and India. Jimmy Smith, an LA-based mixed martial arts fighter...

Final Offer

Final Offer logo``Final Offer'' is essentially a game show played without a studio audience present. In the hourlong series the ``contestants'' are sellers of antiques and rare collectibles who get an equally rare opportunity to haggle with four professional dealers -- Jacob Chait, Patrick Painter, Billy Roland and Jordan Tabach-Bank -- eager to outbid one another for the items. One on one, and in the order they choose, the sellers negotiate with the dealers, but there's a catch: Once a seller passes on an offer, there's no turning back. He or she begins the process again with the next buyer in line, hoping the bid they receive is at least as high as the one they just turned down. Let the high-stakes game, in which the highest bidder doesn't always win, begin.

Finding the Fallen

Finding the Fallen logoA team of archaeologists, historians and forensic experts work to identify unknown World War I soldiers and finally lay them to rest.

First Week In

First Week In logoDiscovery has ordered a new jail-based reality show that’s like the classic documentary Scared Straight — except the terrified newbie criminals don’t necessarily get to leave. The series is titled First Week In. The show follows convicted criminals, some of whom have never been arrested before, from their final moments of freedom to their first interactions with violent offenders to their struggles to try and get out of jail. The show includes commentary from police officers and guards and walks viewers through the legal process.

Flying Heavy Metal With Bruce Dickinson

Flying Heavy Metal With Bruce Dickinson logoBruce Dickinson is best known for fronting legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden. But when he's not singing in front of 50,000 rock fans, he's getting hands on with a very different kind of heavy metal - flying aeroplanes. Flying Heavy Metal sees professional pilot Bruce literally fly the audience through the history of the jet airliner. In each programme, Bruce gets behind the controls of the major landmarks in aviation history; from the DC3 Dakota - the classic prop plane of the 1930s, right through to the key airliners of the jet age, like the first fly-by wire Airbus A320 and the Boeing 727. He discovers the safety mechanisms that made the once dangerous business of flying safe, demonstrates the problems the giant 707 had landing on small runways - and even gets a preview of the gia...

Flying Through Time

Flying Through Time logoClimb aboard an amazing journey and discover the excitement and joy of flying. Featuring both extraordinary archive photography and modern footage, this Australian compilation of the Wings series looks at the aeronautical advancements of both military and civilian aircraft over 26 episodes. Each adventure highlights the most remarkable aircraft ever to fly including historic airships, war planes, luxury jetliners and many more.
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