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Cuestion de sexo

Cuestion de sexo logoA fun series that takes an unapologetic look at the reality of relationships in this day and age. Three couples experience the exhilarating highs and overwhelming lows that a relationship brings with it as they try to survive relying on each other’s help. Love, friendship and family are all explored in this honest and ultimately entertaining story.

Los Simuladores (2006)

Los Simuladores (2006) logo"Los Simuladores" consists of a team of four associates who run a "simulation" business, solving the problems and the needs of their clients by staging simulacros (simulations). The simulations are aimed at confusing whoever is giving their clients a problem (bosses, criminals, husbands, wives, unscrupulous businessmen, etc), thus helping the client come on top of the situation. The price the team charges for its services is exactly two times the cost of the simulation, as well as the client's compromise to participate in future simulations (this led to characters who appeared in previous episodes re-appearing in later episodes as secondary actors and helpers for the team, giving the show a sense of continuity). The underlying philosophy used by the team was that sometimes what's legal is ...
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